Posted on March 27, 2012


My best friend is having another baby!  A little boy to play with my little man! I’m just so excited and I can`t wait to meet him once he gets here! Here’s the whole gorgeous family in the last photos before they become a family of 5.

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Posted on March 24, 2012


If  you’ve spent anytime on my blog…you’ve probably heard me whine and complain about how devastated I am that my own daughter refuses to let me photograph her.  It’s a commom complaint of photographers actually.  When you take your kids for a session they understand they are somewhere new and they know they are expected to participate.  But to my girl, I’m just “mom with the camera in her hand again….time to run away so she get get more pictures of my back.”  LOL.

SO this time i tried something new, and I’m surprised at how well it worked. Well, actually  I have tried this before but never with this much success. I bribed her with Easter chocolate.  In the past though, she just screamed for the chocolate until I gave in…but somehow magically this time it worked.  LOL!  I love these pictures of my little bum-bum!

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Posted on March 21, 2012


A while back I posted a before and after image of a popular newborn pose – a baby in a crocheted sling. Since then I’ve gotten a lot of questions and requests to show some more! So i put together a few before and afters.  Some are meant to show how safety plays such an important role in working with newborns, and I’ve also posted a few to show some of my post-processing styles.

Here is the newborn in the crocheted sling. This little guy finally fell asleep after a long while of trying! So when he finally did, his parents and I rushed to get this shot.  As you can see I am a little unprepared for this because my backdrop isn’t properly set up at all. But all in all there was enough there to make this image.  Please notice how supported this baby is. His bum is still resting on the bean bag, and his dads hands are supporting him at the neck.  All very safe!!!


Here are some more examples of how popular newborn poses are done.  Baby should always be supported! (SOOC stands for “Straight Out Of Camera”)


I get a  lot of questions about my post processing technique. I have to admit, I like trying different things all of the time…and I can be a bit all over the place!  I love is an example of some colour popping.


For this next image, I knew I wanted to achieve a vintage look to match the location and the outfit. I’m using a texture here and have played around in levels to get that vintage feel. I also got rid of those bikers way in the back!


Posted on March 20, 2012


Had an impromptu session with my favourite little people today…  Love them! <3


Posted on March 19, 2012


I was so happy when one of my gorgeous friends I used to work with contacted me to do her maternity and newborn pictures! Happy of course to learn that she was pregnant…but also so so happy to get to see her again! Life with kids can certainly get in the way of keeping in touch with people, so it was so great to chat and catch up!  T…you are so beautiful…congrats again!!! xxoxx!!


Posted on March 18, 2012


Being a children’s photographer, I get the tremendous privilege of meeting wonderful families, and hearing all about their birth stories and special experiences they have had.  This gorgeous little sweetie has a pretty magnificent story too. She was born in India though a surrogate. Chatting about it with her parents was such an educating experience!  I realized I know very little about the subject, and also what many families face trying to conceive a child.   Looking at this angel though, you can instantly see theirs is a story of overwhelming success! You can read about their journey too here:

I just love the gorgeous Indian outfits mom and dad found during their stay there.  Isn’t she just so gorgeous??


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